Wednesday, June 24, 2009


today was the way days are supposed to be.

coffee with my camplin cousin. a rarity and a nice way to bond with my suppressed side. she tells me stories of my parents when they were younger, which is so fascinating to me because they, as people, are not so different as they were then, but they, as a duo, are very different, and sure, my view of love is skewed and twisted but it makes me feel a little better to hear about it none the less.

bike ride to with my mother.
we went to the place where love started. it is the prettiest place i know, which is probably silly because there are things much prettier in other areas of the world, but i love the different shades of green, the rolling hills, with trees scattered. it is aesthetically pleasing. and the birds were in an uproar flying and diving for their dinner. i didn't feel anything and it was the most lovely feeling of all. often, when in a serene beautiful spot i think "if only i had music" "if only i had a notebook to write". i didn't want any of those things. i just wanted to sit there and listen to the birds and watch them dive and be happy doing nothing, because we have been trained to be anxious if were not being stimulated by something or other.

i did my best to tell my mother i love her to pieces, all through out the day, because i worry that we, as children, are a burden to her, which i am reminded of when i hear storied of when she was younger. not an unwelcome burden, but a burden none the less.

there is more to the story of my day being good, but it would sound unimportant even though it WAS important because little things are always important.

it was just what a day should be. nothing particularly exciting and earth shattering, but some human interaction and some exercise and a little bit of tranquility.

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