Wednesday, June 17, 2009

and the question is still the same, for everyone always

do you still think of me, even when i'm not around
and they ask "why does it matter?"
and i don't have an answer
but a feeling in my guts
that tells me to run for cover
when people forget
they forget for good

i am. so. frustrated. and worried. and sad.

with good things, come bad things.
i can not handle the world.
and the world can not handle me.
but we will continue trying anyways.

(my dearest friends
if ever there is a question
about my love for you
1)let me know.
2)know that i love you.
3)know that i think of you often.
4)know that the thing listed above apply to new friends and old
5)know that i like when people contact me in any way shape or from
6)know that i never think it weird
7)know that you are wonderful, in my book.

we need to be reminded sometimes.
we need to be reminded often.

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