Wednesday, July 15, 2009


original thought "if you come back from wherever you are, let me know 'cause i miss you."

but as the day continued i realized it was better as:
i am comfortable in my own shoes, i love these new summer friends of mine as though they are family.

(a thought)
Can your heart be broken forever? Because I’ve read stories like that. Where the person goes away and the person he’s in love with thinks he’s dead and then he returns she is married to someone new. And what if your in love with the idea of something? Isn’t that just as real as any other sort of love? I don’t know anything about love. I don’t want to know anything about love. The new goal is to have no goals. Which is not to say to do nothing but just to not think about what I’m doing. That will never work. I don’t care.

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